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Project Overview

Problem: This beautiful house on Freshwater Headland looks over some of the best views Sydney has to offer. Due to our clients adding an extra floor on their beautiful house, the clients wanted to install Solar Control Window Film to their new, large floor to ceiling windows to protect wooden floorboards, reduce heat and glare.

Solution: We installed Solar Gard’s TrueVue 30 to reduce heat and glare without disrupting their views. Solar Gard TrueVue 30 offers 61% Heat Rejection, 65% Glare Reduction, 99% UV Reduction and 22% External Reflection giving an increase in daytime privacy. Our client was extremely happy with the results. As the two main panels were larger than any roll of film on the market we had to overlay two pieces of films, splicing them together. Our clients were amazed to see no join! No wonder we are the Australia’s most awarded tinting company ever!