Fenestration Australia National WFAANZ Design Awards

Window Tint Film Installer of the Year

TintFX Glass Film Solutions takes out 3 divisions in the prestigious Fenestration Australia, National WFAANZ Design Awards including Aaron McCarthy for WERS Installer of the Year, Best Use of Film – Commercial and Best Use of Film – Residential.

TintFX can work with you to achieve the Australian Building Greenhouse Rating by applying solar tinting film on the glass surfaces on your building to make your home or office green.

WFAANZ Design Awards - TintFX - Aaron McCarthy
Aaron McCarthy - Managing Director - TintFX Group Pty Ltd

Key benefits of Glass
Window Tinting Films

Window Film is an essential part of any commercial or residential premises, transforming spaces physically or visually. Additionally, films can be selected to provide protection from the sun; aid with insulation; increase privacy, security and safety; create atmosphere and decreasing heat and glare, and creating savings in energy costs.

Heat Reduction
Energy Cost Savings
UV Protection
Glare Reduction
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Residential Window Tinting - Solar Widnow Film - 3M Prestige 70 - Neutral Bay Wharf

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