General questions

Window film can be used to:
  • Reduce energy bills
  • Control temperature by reducing up to 82% of solar heat gain
  • Block 99% of UV radiation
  • Up to 94% Glare Reduction
  • Enhance comfort
  • Protect furnishings, floorboards, carpets, skin and more
  • Improve safety and security
  • Increase daytime privacy
  • Create a uniform façade and increase aesthetic appeal
  • Graphics and signage solutions to increase corporate identity

Solar Control Window Film is applied internally on 90% of installations. However due to access restrictions or thermal stress concerns film will be applied externally. Often Low E Performance Glass has been installed and an appropriate external film will be used not to compromise the internal Low E Coating but to complement with Heat Rejection qualities as well.

All films applied by TintFX offer a manufacturer warranty in addition to this TintFX off a Workmanship warranty for the same period. Different film types and manufacturers have different length warranties, but most internal films have a 10 Year Warranty on Film and a 15 Year Useful Lifespan. External films generally have warranties of 7 years when applied to a vertical surface. There are many external factors such as exposure to sunlight and climate which also contribute to the lifespan of your film and can mean you are enjoying the benefits of your window film beyond the warranty period.

Solar Control Window Film can be applied to Low E Glass but is not recommended as you compromise the Internal Low E Coating. TintFX would advise an external film application to complement the Low E Glass and offer thermal benefits all year round.

No, our professional installers will clean the windows as part of our service.

With every installation TintFX will provide a Post Installation Care and Maintenance Fact Sheet outlining Do’s and Don’ts with window film. But if you ever have any questions it is always best to call us!

Solar Control Window Film does not offer privacy at night, however some may offer an increase through darkness. Other options are available such as applying a frosted or decorative film.

TintFX offers an extensive range of Safety and Security films designed specially to hold shattered glass in place. Our pressure sensitive films bond to the glass keeping large shards adhered together in the event of glass breakage.

The installation of a 100 Micron 4 MIL Optically Clear Safety Security Film will bring the windows up to Grade A Compliance when installed in accordance with AS1288-2006 Section 5 AS1288 which requires each pane to be permanently labelled as being safety glass. TintFX will supply a compliance sticker which must be adhered to a corner of the pane prior to the window film installation. The window film will then be installed over the sticker ensuring its permanency.

TintFX has been applying film for over 20 years. Our professionals will guide you to select the most appropriate film based on your requirements and location.

TintFX doesn’t install inferior brand films that deteriorate in this way. Technology and the industry have advanced to offer a higher quality of window film with lengthy warranties to offer peace of mind.

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