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In Beacon Hill there stands a house with glass for walls. While this looks beautiful and offers plenty of natural light, it also means people can see into the house. On top of this the volume of light caused extreme glare and heated up the room to unacceptable standards.

TintFX installed Slate 10, a dark yet reflective film. Since then it has enjoyed far more privacy, the rooms are now usable and money is being saved from the air­conditioning bills.

3M™ Sun Control Window Film Prestige Exterior Series

Firstly, 3M Prestige Exterior is a non metallic film. Therefore it brings you comfort without any chance of corrosion, signal interference or light reflection. Secondly, due to the high visible light transmission you will be able to enjoy unchanged aesthetics of your building. While rejecting 97% of the infrared light the application of this solar control window tint offers you more comfort and cuts your energy bill. Furthermore, harmful UV rays are significantly reduced and the life and vibrancy of fabric, carpets and furnishings are being prolonged.

The Prestige Exterior Series are installed when there has been a Low-E glass or  coating applied to the internal face of the windows. If a film would be applied internally it would negate the effects of the Low-E film as it needs to be exposed to be effective. In addition to the above, 3M Prestige Exterior films have been specifically developed to be applied on the external face of the windows maintaining all the benefits of the 3M Prestige window films as well of the Low-E glass.

Moreover, double glazed windows are also a good example of use of the 3M Prestige Exterior films. While the internal films do not reject the heat as efficiently due to the gas chamber between the layers of glass where the heat penetrates through the first layer of glass an exterior film stops the heat from entering the chamber between the glass panels and provides therefore much more performance.

3M Prestige Exterior films are available in three different strengths in accordance to the visual light transmission of 40%, 70% and 90%. There is a film for every preference, whether you are looking for more privacy, glare reduction or would like to maintain natural light levels.

Finally, 3M Prestige Exterior Series come with a 7 year warranty on vertical applications and a 5 years warranty on sloped and horizontal applications.

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