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TintFX installed Solar Gard Armorcoat 8 Mil Silver 20, solar security window film, on the windows of this Sydney factory to increase security, reduce glare and improve the energy efficiency of running the property’s heating and cooling systems. It is 10 degrees cooler upon installation of the solar security window film.

In Beacon Hill there stands a house with glass for walls. While this looks beautiful and offers plenty of natural light, it also means people can see into the house. On top of this the volume of light caused extreme glare and heated up the room to unacceptable standards.

TintFX installed Slate 10, a dark yet reflective film. Since then it has enjoyed far more privacy, the rooms are now usable and money is being saved from the air­conditioning bills.

Safety window film is built to protect people from injury should glass be broken and as a deterrent to unwanted intrusion.

Glass windows and doors break for many reasons but with safety window film you can be certain that the glass will not shatter, with potentially severe consequences. It is not just the issue of glass striking people; often it is difficult to be sure every fragment of glass has been cleaned up.

TintFX supplies and installs safety window films ranging in thickness from 100 – 175 micron (4 Mil to 7 Mil). 

  • 100 micron is standard home quality and provides suitable security for homeowners.

What does Safety Window Film do?

For example, around the home, when footballs or cricket balls smash windows, the severe impact will cause shards of glass to scatter inside your home. Whilst the larger pieces are easily found, minor fragments can be hard to find especially if you have carpet. Safety film holds the window together keeping the shards where they belong, which is not in your foot.

Powerful storms have already struck up and down Australia this year, often followed by flooding. Storms can and do break windows, sending shards flying; if a building floods and the shards are hidden, serious injury can be caused from being stepped upon.

  • Flying shards and glass on the floor is responsible for the second highest amount of injuries during an earthquake
  • During hurricanes and tropical storms flying shards and debris are the leading cause of severe injury

Solar Control Safety Window Film

Our safety window films can also come with solar protection and reflectivity. They can secure your home to the same level as standard safety film whilst reducing solar heat gain, cooling your house and ensuring your privacy. Reflective films have the benefit of reflecting more light than your home emits, meaning people cannot see through your windows from the outside, and you get a crisp glare-free view, unobscured by blinds or shutters. Their thickness is 4 Mil or 100 Micron which provides suitable security for homeowners. They are available in various light transmissions from 20 to 72.

How does Safety Window Film work?

Safety window films are independently tested to withstand storms and earthquakes.

Businesses also have the option of installing our bomb-blast range of security film to provide the highest level of glass film protection for employees and your workplace.

Safety Window Film - Sticker
Safety Window Film - Sticker

Safety sticker needs to be installed between glass and film on all safety film panels.

Film Brand Selector - Safety Window Films

Success Story

Solar Gard Armorcoat Clear Safety - Success Story

Solar Gard Armorcoat Clear Safety

Providing Peace of Mind for Parents – Private Residence

After their active 2-year-old suffered head injuries from falling through her bedroom window, parents Tom and Sue sought additional protection for their young family.
Like most little ones, their daughter enjoyed jumping on her bed and playing with her siblings.

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Whether for visual enhancement, maximising energy savings or simply securing your windows TintFX will find the balance that works for you and the environment.

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Our focus is on improving the appearance of your home or business with professional design and quality workmanship. Creating a more sustainable living and working environment, whilst simultaneously improving your safety and security.