Project info

Project Overview

Protection against sun entering through the skylight was secured by TintFX upon installation of solar film 3M Prestige 40 Exterior. TintFX has upgraded this residential property in Clifton Gardens with a massive one piece skylight with size 914x6000mm. A very good result has been achieved with the 3M Prestige 40 Exterior solar window film. The client is extremely happy with the result.

We also gave this film a silicone edge seal with Dow Corning 995 structural silicone as we needed to remove the old poor performing seal silicone that is meant to water seal all the glass.

The residents have gained enhanced comfort in their property, solar heat, glare and UV protection. 3M Prestige 40 Exterior blocks 99% of damaging UV sun rays, protecting both people and property. Furthermore, it reduces cooling costs, saving money and environment.