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Project Overview

The large North-facing glass expanse in this beautiful home allowed abundant natural light into this home, but with this came excessive heat gain and loss, UV damage to beautiful hardwood floor boards and furniture, and increased energy costs. The owners challenged TintFX to provide a Film Solution which wasn’t too dark, to address these issues.

The properties of Solar Gard Ecolux 70 LOW E Window Film mean that 52% of external heat is rejected, keeping the summer heat at bay, and 48% of internal heat is retained, keeping the warmth in winter locked in. The film also provides 99% UV reduction – a SPF of 700+, 68% Visual Light Transmission, ensuring the natural light can still be the star in this living space. Ultimately, the LOW E coating on this film will provide the owners with reduced energy usage, keeping cooling and heating costs down year-round, as well as minimising UV damage to the internal fittings and furniture.

Client Feedback: “Unfortunately our new north-facing windows brought too much sun into our home in the winter months, damaging our timber flooring and furniture. We tried different methods of alleviating this, using blinds, opening doors, but nothing resolved it adequately. The Team at TintFX recommended a range of products, and one we decided on was state of the art Ecolux 70 which retains heat in winter, reflects heat in summer and reduces UV damage. We were very excited about using this product, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the team at TintFX.”