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Project Overview

TintFX has installed 3M Ultra Prestige S70 200 Micron (8 Mil) solar security window film to large sliding doors (1600×2100) on the residential property in Davidson. This beautiful film lets in maximum natural light while reducing the heat and providing security. The solution to have both in one.

3M Ultra Prestige S70 is a multilayered film, resistant to tears and holds great flexibility. It decreases danger from shattered glass and deters intruders. Therefore it prevents injury as well as any property damage. Furthermore, this non metallic window film maintains aesthetics of the property, doesn’t cause any light reflection and doesn’t interfere with digital signals. Up to 60% of reduction in heat flow results in lessen cooling energy consumption in the summer months. This leads to significant cost savings and saves the environment. Fading of interior furnishings is mostly caused by light, heat and UV rays. The security solar control window film blocks about 99% of the damaging UV rays protecting people and property. 3M Ultra Prestige window films extend the lifetime of your carpet, fabric and interior furnishings.