Project info

Project Overview

TintFX team completed solar control window film installation at this expansive home at Bowral.
3M Prestige 70 Exterior solar control window film was a clear winner with this residence, already having performance double glazing, the home owner was still experiencing too much solar heat gain.
The project involved many big windows, 5 separate scaffolding setups.
The home owners are very happy.
Even if you already have double glazing windows with thermally broken aluminium frames, and low E coated glass, TintFX can still improve your performance further with 3M Prestige external solar control window films. These films outperform all other window films in terms of longevity, complemented by performance, beauty and durability that metallic window films cannot match.
Improvements include
✅Solar heat reduction
✅UV/fade reduction
✅Glare reduction
✅Added privacy
✅Low reflection
✅Energy savings
Achieve all of the above without compromising your see-through visibility or clarity.
We offer a 10 year warranty on a vertical surface for external films. Internal films carry a Limited Lifetime Residential Warranty.
Heat and Glare Reduction – Solar Control Window Film Residential Window Tinting in Bowral.