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Project Overview

Existing Anti-Graffiti Film had been damaged and needed replacing.

TintFX removed existing damaged anti-graffiti film and replaced with a new layer of Solar Gard’s Graffiti Gard 4 MIL 100 Micron Anti-Graffiti Protective Window Film. The film is a sacrificial layer on the glass, meaning, any damage will occur on the film, not the glass and can be removed and replaced at any stage. Our clients had had extensive graffiti damage to some of the glass panels which needed glass polishing. As glass polishing strips back the glass, leaving it dull, aside from replacing the whole glass panel which is very expensive and inconvenient, the only option is to install Anti-Graffiti film.

Anti-Graffiti film works to diffuse the reflection of light on the surface of the glass caused by previous damage. As you can see in the pictures, the transformation is incredible! From heavily polished and scratched glass to almost perfect! Our clients were very impressed with these ‘as new’ panels!