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Project Overview

Problem: This home, in an exposed coastal position, was suffering from the effects of the sun coming through the large high North-easterly facing glass windows. The large amount of direct sun, not to mention the massive glare problem from the reflection of the water’s surface was making conditions inside the home difficult. The heat and glare were uncomfortable, and damage to the furnishings coming from the UV rays. A solution was required, and our construction clients came to TintFX to solve the problem.

Solution: The high glass windows and bi-fold doors were addressed with a combination of internal and external Solar Control Window Films. In order not to compromise the Low E Coating on the existing glass, a film that can be applied to the external surface was required for the high windows. TintFX advised the application of Solar Gard Sentinel Plus Stainless Steel 25 Solar Control Window Film to these high windows. Due to the slightly shaded location of the bi-fold doors, Solar Gard Stainless Steel 50 Solar Control Window Film was applied internally to the bi-fold doors, offering a higher level of natural light while still reducing the UV impact. These films are designed to be an external entry for buildings, protecting them from high levels of heat, glare and UV. This window film has stopped the harsh effects of the sun entering the home and making the climate uncomfortable for the owners, so they can enjoy the magnificent view in comfort!