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Project Overview

Problem: This architectually designed house in Darling Point boasts stunning views of the Sydney Harbour. Because of the massive floor to roof windows, the owner’s wanted privacy and protection from the harsh sun without interfering with this million dollar view!

Solution: This high end home is a prestigous rental on Sydney Harbour’s foreshore, and as such, only the highest quality films were chosen and installed. Our building client challenged us to complement all areas of this high end home with a range of films suitable for each space. A range of solar films from light through to dark, high reflection for maximum daytime privacy, others with low reflection where privacy was not required. The external glass pergola was constructed of 12.38mm laminated glass so an external film was applied to minimise the risk of thermal stress or potential glass breakage. Elegant 3M Fasara decorative films and other  privacy films were also used to complement each area of the residence.