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Project Overview

Problem: As with a lot of modern commercial builds existing performance glass is not enough. Currently the installed glazing consists of a Double Glazed Unit with Reflective Performance Glass Outer Layer with Clear on the Inner Layer. Complaints from the team were of high heat and glare issues with this Northerly facing building and the blinds were regularly down and air-con on high. Another major issue was the external facade could not change greatly .

Solution: The installation of Solar Gard’s TrueVue 30 Solar Control Window Film was a pleasant addition. 1300 square meters of double glazed windows were tinted. Solar Gard TrueVue 30 offers 61% Solar Heat Rejection, 65% Glare Reduction and an External Reflection of 22% meant the external facade would not change greatly as it was diffused by an already reflective surface. The blinds went up, the air-con decreased and complaints were now history. A positive move from IAG towards a sustainable and energy efficient future.