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Project Overview

Problem: Bellevarde Constructions engaged TintFX in the initial build of this stunning Bondi Beach residence 9 years ago. But as technologies change, along with clients’ preferences, we were asked to return to remove the original darker film, and replace it with state of the art Solar Gard Ecolux 70, offering the latest technology in solar and environmental control. The greatest challenge in this installation was dealing with the compound curved windows that offer the stunning views from the top floor of this home.

Solution: With the client’s new goal of increasing natural light into the property, while still protecting the occupants, Ecolux 70 was the perfect film for this job. Solar Gard’s Ecolux 70 Solar Control Window Film reflects 52% of solar energy and blocks 99% of UV light, while retaining 68% visible light transmittance. The curved windows were again conquered by our skilled team of installers – including the lead installer and business owner Aaron, and long time industry colleague Mal Potter from Forest Glass Tinting. This was by far our largest residential installation of Ecolux 70 to date, and we expect more clients to appreciate the advanced technology on offer with Solar Gard Ecolux 70.

This project highlights the way in which this film enhances the view, providing a very low internal reflectivity of 4% – even lower than plain glass with a reflectivity of 9%. At the same time, this film provides industry-leading environmental and energy savings.