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Project Overview

Problem: Bellevarde Constructions recently completed a renovation on this beautiful Whale Beach home and as always every aspect of the project needed to be 110% perfect. The skylight had old window film that needed removal and replacement to put the final touch on this area of the home.

Solution: TintFX removed the old window film that had deteriorated over time and replaced it with Solar Gard’s Sentinel Plus Stainless Steel 25 Solar Control Window Film. With 63% heat rejection, 74% glare reduction and being made of Stainless Steel, this was the correct film for the job to withstand those harsh coastal conditions. The film installation included the application of edge seal tape to comply with warranty specifications for Solar Gard Sentinel Plus Stainless Steel 25. The unsightly film is now gone and the panel transformed into a high performance glazing unit. Just look at the reflections of the clouds in that pic, it looks brilliant!