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Problem: In large commercial operations your focus is to decrease overheads wherever possible. Our clients were experiencing high energy usage to cool their building during summer months along with extreme temperature variations throughout different levels and areas of the building. Overall our clients hoped to achieve a reduction in energy consumption, reduce heat and glare whilst maintaining natural light. They also did not want to change the external facade greatly.

Solution: TintFX were engaged to supply and install Solar Gard’s Quantum 20 Solar Control Window Film to this 13 story building ; 3380m2. The installation of Solar Gard’s Quantum 20 Solar Control Window Film has now reduced the load on the buildings chillers and in turn decreased energy consumption greatly equating to the reduction of 950,000 kWh or $43,000 PA. Solar Gard’s Quantum 20 offers High Heat and Glare Rejection properties as well as a low internal and external reflection providing an aesthetically appealing view both inside and out.