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Project Overview

Problem: The Hunter Valley faces extreme climate swings, from searing temperatures in summer to frosty winters. The owners of this homestead wanted to incorporate window film as a form of insulation in their home to aid with climate control, as well as to decrease their energy costs.

Solution: Solar Gard’s Low-E Solar Control Window Film was chosen for this project due to its ability to reflect heat back into your home during the cooler months and reflect solar heat gain during the hotter months creating the best possible environment inside, regardless of external temperatures. Scientifically proven to be carbon negative – the Solar Gard’s Low-E range reduces your carbon footprint and helps the environment.

Client Feedback: “I would like to express how impressed I have been with your recent install of solar film to my property in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales. Even with professional data information on percentages this film was capable of achieving I was sceptical at how well it would perform. When you walked in the house during summer it was significantly cooler when most of the windows around the house were shut and not letting in the hot outside air, in winter the house was warmer, as you entered the film seemed to have taken that cold edge off the house and the fire wasn’t started until later in the year. Our heating and cooling costs have certainly decreased. I would happily recommend your expert opinion and workmanship to any potential clients.”