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Project Overview

Problem: The Buena Vista Hotel was suffering from glare and high temperatures in the bistro. Nearby residents had also complained rooms could over look them and under council orders the windows needed to be obscured.

Solution: TintFX took a 4-Stage approach to the project: 1. Solar Gard Clear Frost was applied to the hotel kitchen, adding a little privacy both to the kitchen and to the neighbours. 2. Solar Gard Silver 20 Solar Control Window Film was applied to the atrium pyramid. This involved the use of a boom lift to reach the highest windows, rather than rest ladders on the glass. The Silver 20 blocked the excess light and heat from the midday sun. 3. Solar Gard Silver/Grey 20 Solar Control Window Film was applied to the North, East and West facing windows. As well as providing a reduction in glare and brightness the colour linked in aesthetically with the room decor. 4. To comply with the Council requirement Solar Gard Clear Frost was installed on the windows overlooking the residential buildings. This kept plenty of natural light pouring in but stopped the direct vision into the neighbours.

Client Feedback: “The patrons were left with a much more comfortable dining experience, and the neighbours no longer felt their privacy was being intruded upon.”