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Project Overview

Problem: A new office location needed new corporate signage and a mild solar control window film to reduce heat, glare and UV without impeding the view from the outside.

Shortly after they needed to add detailed signage on the door and window, and a wall of graphics to promote a new service.

Solution: As a skin cancer and cosmetic laser centre, The Austin Clinic, Balgowlah, understands, more than most, the benefits of UV protection that Solar Control Window Film can offer. TintFX installed Solar Gard’s TrueVue 40 to their shopfront windows. TrueVue 40 not only rejects up to 51% of Solar Heat Gain it also boasts more than 99% UV protection with only 14% external reflection, which is not much more than clean clear glass. This film was perfect for our clients! The corporate signage on the outside is clear and informative providing information to potential clients, whilst inside the new Coolsculpting wall really pops out visually.