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Project Overview

Problem: An unnamed high profile organisation residing in the World Square Building in Sydney’s CBD needed a way to spruce up their office. The task was to bring privacy and style while still maintaining the high light levels glass brings.

Solution: TintFX took a 3 ­stage approach to solve this problem.

Firstly we applied a layer of regular Frosted Film to the entire room, this gives excellent privacy while allowing lots of light to come through, keeping the room well lit.

Secondly a simple yellow film was applied over the top of the frosting to give some colour and make the room stand out.

Finally the remaining areas also had coloured film applied, this time with computer cut letters removed. Each letter has to be very carefully applied, as they are easy to damage of fit crooked.

The end result was a well­ lit, yet private room perfect for meetings without the drawback of onlookers.