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Project Overview

Gourmet Traveller WINE were moving into a new office space and required branding signage on their office facade and directory board. They also had white laminated glass internally which they wanted to make darker, and required safety decals which we customised to their needs.

TintFX had Gourmet Traveller WINE’s Corporate Branding produced in Digital Print Cut Vinyl and applied to the glass doors. This was produced in reverse so that it could be applied to the inside of the glass walls. The directory board was also updated with the Digital Print Cut Vinyl. Our clients wanted to change the shade of a large white column in the waiting area – here we installed Solar Gard’s TrueVue 40 on internal White Laminated Glass to diffuse the white panel. TrueVue 40’s low reflection gave the glass a darkened look, which is what our client wanted to achieve. Lastly, our client wanted to comply with safety requirements by adding a personalised safety decal strip of large black dots.