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Project Overview

Problem: Our clients in Willoughby were in need of some relief from the intense heat and glare their atrium windows brought into their home.

Solution: In consideration for their neighbours, together we decided to apply a high performing dark film to the atrium windows. To our advantage toughened glass had been installed to this area of the home, allowing us to install a dark non-reflective film without causing thermal stress and the potential of glass breakage. The job was challenging due to the height and difficult nature of access and custom made support beams were required for a safe installation. Luckily the weather helped to make the installation more comfortable and soon we were joined at out lofty height by some colourful feathered friends. The film, selected individually for each specific panel was a mixture of Solar Gard NightSky 10, Solar Gard NightSky 20, Solar Gard TrueVue 15 and Solar Gard TrueVue 30. The intricate cuts around window joinery adding another challenge to the job, the final precise cuts completed onsite to ensure a perfect fit. The result, pleasing to client, the neighbours, and possibly the local wildlife!